Smoothies to reduce stress and improve health

by boum5470 on December 18, 2017 - 3:41pm

Our main goal for our action research project was to reduce the students of Mérici's stress level due to the final exams of the semester. Stress can be a factor that reduces one's happiness, and we knew the end of the semester was a stressful time for the majority of the students. We then considered the health factor, since it can also lead to happiness: what is healthy, easy to consume in a matter of seconds, and makes others happy? That is when we came to the conclusion that the smoothies would be a wonderful idea. By giving students free smoothies, we were also giving them an opportunity to think about something else than all the homework they had to do and the upcoming exams. It has been proved that smoothies have a lot of healthy benefits and people usually feel good when they consume something that is healthy.


Our main goal was to be efficient enough to be able to make all of the smoothies in one day, during lunch break, and to be able to give them to people during that same period. We knew lunch break was the moment of the day we would be able to reach out to the majority of the students of Mérici. We made about 250 smoothies and got very close to giving all of the smoothies we had made as well: less than 50 smoothies were left in the kitchen when we were done. 


We hope that the long-term impact of our project will be that everyone remembers the “smoothie day” at college. We hope people will think our project had a positive impact on their happiness and on their health. Everyone seemed to appreciate the free smoothies and were thankful. Most of them thought it was a great idea and agreed when we reminded them that smoothies are an easy way to consume fruits quickly and can help reduce stress. 


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