Fair Trade Campus- Action Research Project

by florence.delage on November 27, 2017 - 5:36pm

We decided to create a Fairtrade Campus because we want to educate and create awareness on fair trade commerce. Fairtrade products ameliorate the agricultural workers’ conditions in developing countries. They do not make enough profits to have social benefits. Because of climate change, their jobs are not safe and they experience instability: they are at the mercy of the climate and of the market. When buying Fairtrade, we support a community of workers who can democratically optimise the worker’s benefits which brings them safety. The natural resources used do not harm the environment. This puts forward sustainable environmental practises.


We want Mérici to be an environment that supports these values, and where students can be proud of buying ethically. Their coffee, tea and chocolate will be certified Fairtrade; they will be of better quality.


We set up a table during the lunch time on which we had pamphlets and posters (that were all around the school as well). We talked to a few people about our project and the small changes that they would benefit from. The people seemed very interested and liked the idea.