Do animals experience happiness?

by Lolo98 on December 19, 2017 - 6:32pm

Do animals experience happiness?


Some people do think that animals can feel emotions and some do not. They may act like they do feel happiness, but are they able to feel it? This question will be studied to be able to see more clearly.

Animals can certainly feel fear and this has been proven in the quality of the meat. By this, I mean that the quality of the meat of animals that have been well treat is much more better. This is actually obvious because fear is an important function of survival. Pain is also a feeling proven that animals can experience, but what about happiness? There is a huge difference between fear and happiness. Fear is an emotion that leads to an observable behavior. However, happiness is more subjective and specific to everyone. Happiness is much more from the inside then visible from the outside, such as fear. Logically, there should be no reason for happiness to exist for animals because they only live to survive and reproduce. Then, I am asking myself: what about dogs that are wagging their tails or cat that are purring? There are no real answers to this. A lot of people believe that animals can experience happiness as anthropomorphism, which is to attribute human characteristics to nonhuman beings. For example, in the movie “Hatchi” (inspired by a real story), the dog goes to the train station each day with his master, but one day his master never came back. The dog continues to go to the train station each day and patiently hope that his master will come back. In this story, Hatchi is describe as patient and loyal, which are two human traits. Other people, such as Karen Davis (President of United Poultry Concerns), think that there is no reason to doubt that animals can experience happiness if they showed so. Even if we are not able to prove that animals do feel happiness, there is a certain logic to apply. An experiment has been done on mice and they found out that they were alleviating emotional instability like depression in humans. If mice can feel depression, then why they cannot feel happiness? Finally, the answers to my questions are hard to answer because there have been no experiences that showed that animals were experimenting happiness, but there is nothing either that proves the contrary. I personally think that animals can feel happiness. For example, when they see their owners or when they are going outside to play. When I look at my dogs, I feel their happiness and I cannot perceive that they do not feel it too. Maybe it is something that scientifics cannot prove, but I am sure that animals can feel when something good is happening to them. Simply in their eyes and in the way, they act, we can easily read into animals and find out either they are happy or not .  I think that animal’s happiness is simple and that little thing can make them happy. Even if they are doing nothing all day, if they are not alone they might be much more happy then we can be.




I also believe that animals can experience happiness. For example, I think that if a dog has everything he or she needs, then other emotions can occur. Wen the dog has a home, plenty of food and attention from its owners, it can focus on something else than surviving. Great subject and an interesting one!

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