Love, Hate propaganda question - media manipulation

by williamtetreault on March 28, 2016 - 3:13pm

The episode of "Love, Hate & Propaganda" presents the manipulation of the American government through the use of media. It seems as if the Americans were the only one to fall for the lies of its government. In a similar context do you believe we are subject to this sort of manipulation of the media and what are the impact of such innocence?


I believe we are subject to this sort of media manipulation since media mainly concentrates on events where western countries are not to blame. For example, media will cover all the details of terrorist attacks done in Belgium, New York, or Paris. However, we rarely hear about the attacks in the Middle East where our countries' soldiers are the ones attacking. Consequently, viewers might believe we are not to blame and that we must attack the Middle East in order for terrorism to stop. However, America's presence in the Middle East is the reason why this war began and more attacks towards them will simply result in more attacks towards us.

Media has always made part of our society because of their ability to deliver the news around the world. Although, they never really propagate the exact information. As we saw in the episode of "Love, Hate & Propaganda", media tend to transform the news to change the way we think. By doing so, it is easier for the government to take actions on many important subjects without the consent of the population.To answer William's question, I do believe that we are subject of this practice, especially with the era of social media. Social media play a big role in our generation; we are able to access so much information, information that can sometimes be false. By never knowing the truth, the people will always be unaware of the real problems of our countries and the conflicts that happen around the world.

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