Love, Hate & Propaganda Question

by EDion on March 26, 2016 - 3:31pm

During the first Gulf War, journalist Kenneth Jarecke took real and shocking pictures of war. His goal was to show them to the citizens of America in order for them to realize that "war is ugly". Why do you think people should see pictures like this in the media? Or why do you believe these images should stay where they come from?


I think that it was necessary for journalist Kenneth Jarecke to take captivating photos of the truth on how "war is ugly" because the media constantly sugar coats the severity of certain events, especially war. I believe that the media does this to gain viewers because people are attracted to positive things, not negative. However, people need to see the ugliness of war to gain an insight into exactly whats going on around the world so that they can maintain awareness and safety for themselves and their families.

In our modern day society most people are, simply and brutally put, 'sheltered'. We aren't often exposed to the bad things that happen in our world, particularly ones involving the harsh realities of war and those who fight in it. I believe it's very important, therefore, for the media to start showing us this sort of thing, or for every person to take it upon themselves to do a bit of research into the darker, harsher reality of things. Without a thorough understanding of the negative things that take place, we will never think about them or care about these things occurring. Everybody should be exposed in some way to these kinds of images so that they don't stay hidden, ignored, or forgotten.

I think that exposing Kenneth Jarecke’s pictures of war was a good way of showing to the public that this war is actually happening and that it needs to be taken seriously. Sometimes, we do not really know if we can rely on the media to get the right information, but I believe that showing the pictures to the public will prove the seriousness of the situation. However, in a situation where the media would use these pictures just for sensationalism, I do not think that it is necessary for the public to see. With that being said, I approve the use of shocking pictures of war if it is used for good reasons such as explaining the severity and the consequences of the war.

I think people should see those pictures, simply to realize how horrible war is. Today's kids are much more exposed to violence, whether it is in a video game or a film. They seem to become numb to that kind of violence, thinking that it is "just a game/film". If we could teach them that war is their futur if people continue to accept such horrible act, maybe war would be over for good. In conclusion, pictures of war sensibilize our society.

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