Love, Hate & Propaganda Question

by claudiacoursol16 on March 26, 2016 - 11:15am

According to Pat Tillman, the reasons behind Bush's attacks were not really justified. From your own perspective as an outsider of this war, what do you believe is the main reason for the American president to fight agaisnt the East? Is it a question of revenge, a desire for power or an attempt to have control over their resources? 


I believe that the reason for the president's desire to pursue Saddam Hussein again was mainly political. Being at war against Al-Qaeda, America's inability to locate Osama Bin Laden resulted in a sense of insecurity throughout the country. People began doubting the presidential office, their capabilities and if this war could actually be won. Being caught in a predicament, President Bush needed to regain the trust of his country by proving a target: the next greatest threat to the United States. To do this, Bush devised a plan to create this idea that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda had been plotting against the US, despite there being no evidence of this. In addition, claims were being made that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction to further convince the people that Saddam Hussein was a legitimate threat. However, this also lacked evidence. Regardless, this gave some Americans the belief that there was progress being made with regards to the war on terror and that this was the best course of action. Conversely, the lack of evidence is why some Americans, one of them being Pat Tillman, were skeptical about this plan. Pat Tillman signed up to the military to pursue Osama Bin Laden, not a seemingly irrelevant target.

I do not believe that there is only one main reason behind Bush’s attacks, but rather a combination of reasons such as power and revenge. The US is one of the most powerful countries in the world and they are seen as being invincible. Therefore, they will stop at nothing in order to protect this image and their reputation. The fact that a small group of terrorist were able to threaten this large and powerful country despite their lack of resources called into question their strength and status in the world. Moreover, this group attacked a number of American institutions, where many Americans perished or were injured. The strong desire for revenge motivated them to take action and make this group pay for their attacks.

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