by EDion on March 15, 2016 - 4:24pm

On the website www.oxforddictionaries.com, the definition of extremism is “the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism”. This definition is coherent with my original view of the word, but it definitely adds to what I thought it meant. I was not sure of the extension of this word. Now, it is very clear that it is meant for politics and religion. The word fanatical (from which the word fanaticism comes from) is described as being a person “filled with excessive and single-minded zeal” (www.oxforddictionaries.com). Looking up this definition as well allowed me to understand the meaning of extremism even better. It showed me that extremists can rarely change their opinions and are very close-minded. This helped me comprehend why certain people are considered extremists. The definition of extremism is very short and vague, but I was able to get a general idea of the term from it.  

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