Trump supporters responsible for fake news?

by Julnade on February 7, 2018 - 11:56am

A new study from the “computational propaganda project” of the University of Oxford says that Trump supporters consume the largest volume of fake news on Facebook and Twitter. They explain it saying that the right wing shared and consumed the most part of the extremist, conspiratorial and bad quality news. Looking for the most significant sources of fake news shared in the three months before Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on January 2018, they found that a group of Trump supporters on Twitter was the biggest consumer of junk news and that the largest proportion of news links they share were fake news. On Facebook, the result of their research was even better. Distinct from Republican pages, they found that, at their own, extreme hard right pages shared more fake news on Facebook than every other audiences together did.
We can say that the article I summarized is credible because it speaks about a study from the University of Oxford, which is known for its high status. Also, the website where the article comes from is The Guardian, which is a reliable British daily newspaper. However, the reputation of The Guardian is to be on the mainstream left of British political opinion. So the author of the article seems to be not neutral on his opinion.
The summary is from the article Fake news sharing in US is a right-wing thing, says study of Alex Hern in The Guardian that was published on February 6th 2018 (


The University of Oxford is a very credible source, typically when they produce new studies they are taken as the truth and highly regarded as accurate. I like how you recognized that the author of your article Alex Hern may have a bias towards the left considering his status and previous posts on The Guardian this really helps support the reliability of your post. After reading the article posted by The Guardian I feel you could have added some more information to help solidify your point that trump supports were the biggest victims of fake news. For example: the article provides accurate numbers of the amount of people involved in the study and how many posts/tweets they shared (13,500 active American Twitter users and 91 “junk sites”) these numbers could have been added to your post so that it would have a lager and lasting effect on your readers, this because these numbers are quite high. Also, you could have added information about the difference between the two types of articles Democrats and Republicans were posting. I personally found this to be quite interesting and feel others would too. Overall I enjoyed reading your post and the article posted by The Guardian. I've included another article By the Independent who also speaks about this Oxford study and how Trump supports spread more fake news than anyone else.

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