Why are Japanese so bad at English?

by Puppy on November 20, 2014 - 2:06am

     Everyone knows Japanese people doesn’t speak exactly when it comes to speaking English, despite receiving six years of English education. Because there are several reasons, this article is written about the reasons.

     I know the enough English words that I can talk English conversation by high school graduation. However, I still can’t conversation in English well. So, I read this article, I thought I want my helpful even a little.


Seeroi, K.(2012, May 06). Why are Japanese so bad at English?. Japan Today. Retrieved from


I think your article is very interesting.
Your opinion is i can agree.
Samary is very easy to understand.
thank you

Hello, puppy, how are you? We are Azusa Sugimoto and Misaki Kishi. Today we read your writing, “Why are Japanese so bad at English?” We would like to give you comment about your opinion. We talk about your topic after we read your writing.
We agree with your opinion of Japanese so bad at English. We have taken English education from junior high school to Kansai University of International Studies. We have studied English for near 8 years. However, we cannot speak English well yet as you said.
There are no chance that we can speak English without our school. On the other hand, there are many chance that people can speak English in foreign countries. This is the point that Japanese people cannot power up English skill comparing to foreign people who have speak English in their daily life. Our conclusion is Japanese need chance that people can speak English with foreigner.

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