Tokyo dome

by Superman☆ on October 23, 2014 - 3:19am

I have never been to Tokyo dome. I like Yomiuri Giants in baseball team, so I want to go to Tokyo dome and watch baseball games.

Tokyo dome is the first roofed baseball park built in Japan. This is started operating in 1988. The facility can house 55,000 people. Tokyo dome is the home of the Yomiuri Giants in baseball team. This is used for live concert too.


I have never been to Tokyo and I have never seen Tokyo dome too. I don't know Yomiyuri Giants. Is this team is famous in Japan? This park can baseball game or concert, so it is amazing. I want to see my favorite artist concert. I know the Tokyo dome is most biggest park in Japan. And this park have old history. I think that Tokyo dome is symbol in Japan.

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