Special English zones proposed as part of Cool Japan tourism initiative

by Puppy on October 23, 2014 - 3:17am

     The government of Japan proposed founding the "Special English Zone" be English the official language. The government thought that be reflected the measures related to culture originated that towards the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic 2020. Zone aims that is to enhance the communication skills necessary to disseminate information to overseas.

     I think that to establish a Special English zones isn't a good idea. If Special English zones was established, I think that people who be able to speak perfect English and foreigners will only not go to its area. However I agree to the proposal of another. Another suggestion is to provide funding to TV networks to increase the number of bilingual broadcasts and programs using English subtitles. The suggestion is great. Because, the suggestion may be improve my English skills.





I think that it is very good project because English skills are very important for u, and I can understand the aim what for Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic.
But I can understand your opinion, maybe your opinion is right.
I think that "Special English Zones" is good idea, but it is difficult and has some problem.

I think you like to play sports, because this article is written about the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic 2020. You will go to Tokyo to watch Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic 2020. It is very important for me to start "Special English Zone", so Japan should back up "Special English Zone".


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