Shiretoko natural park-Hokkaido

by Flash on October 23, 2014 - 3:17am

Shiretoko a natural heritage site registered only in July 2005. It is a long narrow peninsula. There are many rare animals in Shiretoko. In winter, there is also beautiful scenery. I can feel nature in Shiretoko.

It was difficult topic for me, because there are many difficult vocabularies. It was hard to read. However, I was able to have interest about Shiretoko, so I want to go there. And I think if I go to Shiretoko, I can feel nature. I want to watch beautiful views and animals. 




I want to Shiretoko!! I like animal too:^)
I think that this article is so dificult too, because a lot of I don't know word.
I want to go to Shiretoko in winter. I have never been to snow magic.
Nothing to do with article, Let's go aquarium with me!!

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