Sapporo and Osaka

by rain on October 27, 2014 - 4:09am

I think that Sapporo can feel fore season, spring summer autumn and winter.
I like winter but I think I can’t get over too cold in Sapporo. However I want to play snow magic.
Then, I want to go to Osaka capital and go to shopping in Nanba. I don’t go anyplace in Osaka, but Osaka is very near. Because I can go there. Last, I think japan have a lot of good point.

Odori Avenue Park is center of the Sapporo city.
The park have old clock that has been marking time for over a century.
This park is connected directly to Sapporo station.
People who enjoying shopping.
Osaka is the largest population in japan.
Osaka lawn park that during the cherry blossom season in spring.
Umeda and Nanba is the most we can shopping place and popular business.
And dotonbori with many restaurant on both side of Dotonbori river.



I red this article last journal. Hokkaido is very cold spot. I went to Hokkaido when I was high school student. It was very fun. Please go to Hokkaido. Let's go to Hokkaido with me! And Osaka is near my hometown so I often go to Osaka when I have free time. I go to Osaka to shopping. Thank you for your writing.

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