New dragon Ball Z movie bringing back an old villain

by Bazz lightyer on November 24, 2014 - 3:45am

This article is written about Dragon Ball Z. This is very famous anime and movie in all aver the world. Goku of main character fight with Frieza. So Frieza come many times. It will release new movie.
I like this article because when I was child, I often watched it with my brother. So I know about it.

Casey, B. (2014, November 21). New dragon Ball Z movie bringing back an old villain. JAPAN TODAY.
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Hello Bazz, how are you? My name is Misaki.
I read your writing which is write about Japanese anime “Dragon ball Z”. I have known this Japanese anime’s title, this story is very famous story. My classmate always talk about this story. Also they could enjoy singing the theme songs in their foretime. I always listen to “Tukamouze, Dragon ball…” I could enjoy listening to their singing. However, I have never watched this story. I’m sorry but I would like to watch this story if I have a free time. Thank you for your writing!! I could enjoy reading your writing very much!!

Wow, I didn't know that new Dragon Ball Z movie will be shown, and bringing back an old villain. I like Dragon Ball series, so I want to watch this movie soon.
I think "Goku of main character fight with Frieza." Maybe it is an incomprehensible sentence. I guess "Main character is Goku, and he fight Frieza." Perhaps it is comprehensible sentence. Moreover, sometimes your grammar is wrong. You should put on the comma in front of "so". I think "so" is conjunction. I'm sorry, I'm impudent for you suddenly, but I wish your writing skill is improve than now. Thank you for your update information.

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