Nearly Eight Years Into The Drug War, These Are Mexico's 7 Most Notorious Cartels

by fisherman on November 20, 2014 - 2:11am

Nearly Eight Years Into The Drug War, These Are Mexico's 7 Most Notorious Cartels


              In Mexico 43 students are killed by a gang group who ordered by a mayor. The police arrested those 43 students and returns to gang. They killed them and burned and buried into the river. Now mayor arrested by police.


I feel very weird and very bad. Reason why I feel weird is mayor got arrested by police, but they are connecting each other. it is possible that mayor pays money to police to release himself. Also I feel very bad because people have nothing to do to against to them untill mayor and police and gang are connecting




Bender, J. (2014, October 20). Nearly eight years into The Drug War, these are Mexico's 7 most notorious Cartels. Business Insider. Retrieved from


Thank you for your article. We could understand your feeling.
When we read your article, we were sad because many students were killed by Mexico’s gangs. In Japan, I have never watched news as you wrote but we are afraid of that serious program happens in Japan. We have to pay attention to protect our life. How do we decrease problem such as many students were killed? To solve this problem is too difficult and hard for students of university. Government has to take part in it to reduce. We want you to teach us your idea.
By the way, why did you choose this news? We have an interesting about your news because we research about recently news. Japan has many kind of news. Of course, Japan has much good news but there is a lot of bad news too. I want to know the reason. We are looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yasuhide Kohno Atsushi Kawakubo

I think this topic is really serious problem, and interesting for me. I have heard that in Mexico, there are many criminals. Drugs are not familiar to us, Japanese people. I hope many illegal drugs don’t come into Japan, and no one is killed by gangs. Action of police is little strange, I felt. Don’t you think so? I thought I want to know what became of the mayor.
By the way, I found some grammatical mistakes in your writing.
1. Missing articles e.g.) Reason why I….→The reason why I ….
2. Initial of sentence is a capital letter.
I think this is better. Thank you.

it hurts me to say that these drug cartels listed in the article will no disappear anytime soon unless on wipes out the other. Drug cartels bribe money has become so important in the mexican financial system that to completely eradicate these cartels it would mean to swell remove some of the highest political and government heads in mexico because you remove one gang from paying a local mayor another gang will walk in and pay the mayor more. This is speaking from personal experience i was born in mexico city and my father worked as municipal police officer when he was young and the stories of corruption I've learned are terrible. It once again shows how much human life has become INSIGNIFICANT in peoples eyes. Look at who called for those 43 students to be stopped it was the mayor of the local city he called the local cartel who owns the land Guerros unidos to take care of it and then they called the local police that they own as well to pick up the students and bring them to the cartel members to eventually be executed. For a local mayor to call the cartel on two bus loads off students knowing they will be killed to protect his wife event is disgusting and to see how he values human life shakes me to the bone.

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