Lionid meteor

by rain on November 20, 2014 - 2:05am

This article tell me about Leonid meteor. Leonid meteor one of the 12 meteor showers.
The Leonids are one of about 12 major meteor showers that happen every year
You can watch meteor shower it is 100 an hour. There was the last big Leonid meteor in 200.
Leonid meteor is one of the very big meteor.

I think that I want to watch Leonid meteor. I am going to watch star in tonight.
I can’t watch Orion meteor shower last month. I want to watch next month meteor showers.

Mejika,P.(2014, november 14) Leonids Meteor Shower Will Dance Across the Sky Sunday. Night Newswek. Refrieved from


I have never read the book about Leonid meteor. And also, I have never seen meteor showers although it dashes though the sky in same days every year.
I can’t see stars well in Kobe because atmosphere is dirty. I want to see a lot of beautiful stars and meteor showers. If you have a vacant time, I want you to go to see stars with me. By the way, you wrote some mistakes on grammar. For example, “Leonid meteor is one of the very big meteor.”, “I can’t watch Orion meteor shower last month.”, and so on. Please be careful when you write an article! Thank you :)

I think you like astronomy. I've never seen meteor shower in my whole life, so I think that someday I'll watch some meteor shower, and I don't know about it. Is there an Aquarius' meteor shower? If you know about it, please tell me, because my zodiac sign is it. I want to watch, if there was this meteor shower no matter what. By the way, sometimes you mistake grammar and word, especially I care that you wrote on subject 'Lionid.' At first I confused when I researched this word, it is not on dictionary. I'm sorry, I'm impudent for you suddenly, but I wish your writing skill is improve than now. Thank you for your update information.

Hello, Thank you for reading. please go to stars with me!!
I want to you to watch Gemini meteor shower in December 14th PM9:00. You can watch 40 from 60 meteors if you can look an hour :^)
It meteor shower is one of the biggest meteor showers.
Then, thank you for tell me mistake point.

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