Doraemon In US

by dom on November 17, 2014 - 3:18am

I liked Doraemon, because it is very convenient for people.
I didn’t like Suneo, because he is meanness.

Japanese famous animation Doraemon will be aired in USA.
Doraemon’s name will remain intact in the English version.
But another character’s name will change.
For example Nobita will be renamed Noby, Shizuka will be renamed Sue.
The futuristic gadgets name also change. For example, Hopter for Takekopter.
Doraemon has been aired 35 countries.


Wow!! It is interesting. I like Doraemon too. when I was elementry school student, I often watch Doraemon on Friday PM6:30. I think that Doraemon populer in the world. However, name change it is so interesting and I don't know why change name??

I like Doraemon too. He is very convenient robot, so I want robot like him. This manga is very long history. I used to watch this anime. It was very interesting. My favorite item is dokodemodoor. If I have this item, I can go to everywhere. I want it. Thank you for your reading.

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