Buck Showalter is AL's top manager

by Keiichi on November 17, 2014 - 3:09am

I like this article because I like baseball and I know him.

Baltimore Orioles is good team because they has very good balance.

But he grow up this team more strong team.

This article explain about Buck Showalter.

He is manager of the Major league.

His team overcome many difficult and became a American League Champion.


I like baseball,but I don't know a Buck showalter.I never know him,because you tell me about his work.it is very important for baseball leage of the major leage.I want to read your article.It was interesting for me.

Do you play baseball? My brother plays baseball, but I don't know how to play baseball. And Where them of country Baltimore Orioles? Are they famous them? I want to watch them play. This is interesting article.

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