22 Breathtaking Festivals around The World that you must see before you die

by Superman☆ on November 17, 2014 - 3:11am

This article mention about famous festival in many countries. For example, in Taiwan, there is a festival called“Pingxi Lantern Festival”. This festival’s purpose is to celebrate the safety from the town. People released off lantern into the sky all at once. It is very beautiful. In other, this article explain many festivals.

I like festival because it makes me happy. I have never seen many festivals in this article, so I want to go to these festivals and try to experience.



I read this, so I want to go the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. I like festival too. Festival is feel happy for us. What did you best this article's festival? Some kind of festival costume, but my favorite festival's costume is Yukata. How about you? But I want to wear the Rio de Janeiro's festival costume.

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