Black Child Racially Mocked Over the Internet

by Simon on October 17, 2015 - 6:47pm



The article entitled ''White Man Posts Racist Selfie With a Black 3-Year-Old - Here's How His Family Fought Back'', was written by Natasha Noman, on News.Mic on Octover 06, 2015. In this article, Natasha Nowman explains how Caiden, a 3-year-old, was racially insulted because of his skin colour. This all began when Gerod Roth, also known as Geris Hilton, posted a picture of himself alongside his co-worker's son, Caiden, on facebook. Friends of Gerod started to comment racial remarks on the picture. Things like: ''I didn't know you were a slave owner'', ''Send him back dude, those fuckers are expensive. Like 25 cents a day''. Gerod Roth himself took part in these racist comments. When asked where the hell he got a black kid, Gerod answered: ''He was feral.'' As a response to those racist comments, Sydney Jade, Caiden's mother, started the hashtag #HisNameIsCaiden, and many people followed her and posted comments on facebook with the same hashtag  to denounce racism and slave owner allegations. Nowman goes on to relate that after learning about this story, the firm where both Gerod and Sydney Jade worked decided to sack him. The firm posted on facebook, and made it clear that there was no tolerance for racism or exploitation of young children. Many people reacted gratefully to the firm's decision on facebook. Following his sack, Gerod Roth went on social networks to express his desolation of what happened, and explained that his comments were taken out of context. He also claimed that both Caiden and himself were the victoms in this affair. 





First of all, I would like to point out that this kind of racial comments are rather frequent in our society. I myself, have witnessed or even been part of many comments of this kind in my childhood. I have had the chance to evolve in a very multicultural environment, and despite that, these kind of racial comments were still used by myself and people around me towards other people of different cutural backgrounds. While I can assure that these were only jokes and not meant to hurt someone's feelings, I still believe that these racial comments do hurt people's feelings. They have no place in our society. I find it quite sad that Gerod's friends, who are adults, don't realize the magnitude of their actions or comments. I can barely understand what went throght these people's minds when they decided to post such idiotic remarks,  and can only hope that they just wanted to make jokes. Nonetheless, they sureley learnt their lesson when Gerod and another people who commented the picture with racial comments got sacked from their job. Like we saw in class, children learn about racism as a very young age. Jane Elliot's experiment clearly shows that children reproduce and integrate how people around them treat with racism. That is why children must be taught that racism has no place in our societey at a very young age. I am happy with the firm's decision to sack Gerod, because it sends a positive message to everyone, and mostly Caiden himself, that racism is unnaceptable.




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I chose to comment on “Black Child Racially Mocked Over the Internet” summarized by Simon because I really felt sorry for the little three year old who was the victim of all of this and I also had strong opinions on this article. As I read this summary, all I thought of was words that I cannot write on paper. I felt and still feel no sympathy for this Gerod Roth guy and I personally believe that he shouldn't get any sympathy. What he did was completely rude and down right disrespectful and Gerod being an adult, should own up to his mistakes instead of coming up with lame excuses and telling people that he was also a victim. Um, I’m sorry, did that little three year old Caiden boy go on the internet and say racist remarks about you Gerod? No he didn’t, so how dare you sit there and say that you are also a victim when you encouraged and participated in the making of the racist comments. I believe that Gerod is pathetic, he let his friends make racist remarks about a three year old, a three year old who has no clue what racism is and who cannot defend himself and for Gerod to put himself in the same “victim” category is ultimately cowardly. Just own up to what you did and stop making yourself a victim. No one attacked Gerod with racist remarks so how dare he say that he is a victim? Gerod had the power to stop it, he could've told his friends to back off but instead he joined in on the racist comments, he encouraged it. Gerod and his friends made racist remarks about Caiden and this can be linked with “Race and the Construction of Human Identity,” written by Audrey Smedley. In this reading she talks about how African Americans were taken away from their homes and brought to Britain and then later on sold off as slaves to rich Americans in the southern parts of the United States to work on their plantations. During this horrible time, millions of African Americans died from being worked to death, abused, and from starvation. In conclusion, I do not feel any sympathy for Gerod, my heart goes out to Caiden’s family. I’m so happy that at Gerod’s work they did not tolerate racism and fired him. It just shows that the company does not promote racism nor should they. Now Gerod has to live with the consequences and I do not feel one ounce of sympathy for him. He knew was he was doing and now he has to live with the consequences. With that being said, do you believe he deserved what he got? Was it too harsh or was it not enough? Also, how are Caiden’s family dealing with this?

I decided to respond to your post “Black Child Racially Mocked over the Internet” because after reading the summary you did of the article it dawned upon me that people say and do things over the internet that they most likely wouldn’t do in person. I don’t think that if these same people were face to face with this little boy that they would say what they said in their comments on Facebook, unless their ignorance really does go that far. There is just something about social network and being behind a screen that seems to make people think it is acceptable. I agree with you said that incidents like this one are not arbitrary in our society, they happen every day regardless of how multicultural we think we are. You said that you couldn’t get over what was going through these people’s heads when they commented such nasty things, well I believe the influence of television shows and movies might have had an impact. Maybe people think it is okay to make fun and laugh at people based on their racial stereotypes because of how frequent it is in movies and television shows, such as the examples that the teacher showed in class. Society teaches us through these movies, shows and even comedians that laughing and making fun of others because they are “different” is acceptable, but what it doesn’t show us is the impact that it might have on some people. I think that justice was served and these people did deserve to lose their jobs, maybe next time they will think twice about making fun of someone based on their skin color; especially an innocent child.

As bad as it seems, this is what our generation has become. All these racial comments and jokes are apart of our society because no one tries to fix it or the people who do try, tend to get pushed down and not heard of. I chose to write a response on this article "White Man Posts Racist Selfie With a Black 3-Year-Old - Here's How His Family Fought Back" because non-shockingly, this happens on a daily basis. The part that bothers me the most is that the victim here is the little three year old boy because he's way too young to actually know what racism is and how it effects people. He couldn't fighting back and defend himself because he didn't know what was happening. There has been a lot of cases where there are a lot of events happening because of racial profiling and i feel like the kids today should has responsibility to teach the kids in the future what racism is and how it's bad and it's cruel. Kids need to be more educated about this subject, especially teenagers from the age of 18-25. Also, if people want to start to help this horrific profiling, it needs to stop in social media because that's the root of it because everyone has social media and once something is said, it's out there forever and you can't take back what you said. In my 18 years of being alive, i cannot imagine how many times i've seen racial profiling and how cruel people are just because of different skin colors and culture. Even today, I would be with my friends and i hear racist jokes and it makes my teeth cringe. I can say that i've been a victim of racial jokes and I know I hate it because it does hurt my feelings and when i tell them to stop, they'd tell me that it's only "a joke". A joke isn't suppose to hurt someones feelings so i can't imagine how that three year old kid felt even though he wasnt clear with what any of this means. Everyone needs to be treated equally because everyone is the same, we're all humans even if we believe in different things or have different cultures, but most importantly, it doesn't matter what color your skin is. WE'RE ALL HUMANS.

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