Societal privileges and The Practices of Inclusion

by B.Matthews on November 13, 2016 - 8:49pm

The role of societal privilege in the definitions and practices of inclusion by Karen Geiger and Cheryl Jordan (March 2014) study investigates the effects of inclusions upon those with societal privileges. The purpose of this study is to illustrate the societal privileges within the practice of inclusion. The authors do this to fully comprehend the meaning of privilege and to discuss the difficulties raised by this study. This paper exhibits key facts from academic books which depict any issues about privilege, social justice and organizational inclusion and applies it to the work of inclusion from privileged races. The authors then exemplify these issues and apply them to the work of inclusion to those of superior/ privileged races. While previous research focused almost primarily on the ways to offer guidance to privileged races. The authors analyzed these results and found the possible ways to overcome any issues with privileged races. Furthermore, the authors conclude that inclusion within systemic privilege can enable benefits of diversity by concentrating on any work that needs to be done. While illustrating to those with privilege an experience of instability within workplaces.

As we saw in our class the myth of race and the reality of racism, the idea of race can be defined as mistreating someone based upon the person’s race or personal characteristics. Based upon, what I read through this article, the key facts that I found interesting was when the authors spoke about the differences of women of color and white women. I did not agree with what the authors said when they stated that Women of Color are seen as less open or talkative compared to White Women. All people whether Black or White experience different types of racist situations in life and these situations affect everyone differently. In my opinion, being surrounded by racist people or being in racist situations enables one to feel like society will not change and will not. 

Geiger, K. A., & Jordan, C. (2014). The role of societal privilege in the definitions and practices of inclusion. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 33(3), 261-274. doi:

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