Racism Still Happening Today

by Masertnater on October 21, 2016 - 6:54pm


Racism Still Happening Today


          I have decided to write about how racism is still happening today around the world and especially in the United States. The notes and activities done in class has shown me much on racism although the article I have chosen demonstrates in further detail how the concept of racism continues to be an issue today.

            Firstly, there are different types of racism that I have learned throughout this class although one has more of a relation to the article chosen and it is individual racism. The definition of individual racism is that it is a form of racial discrimination that stems from conscious, personal prejudice. This means that he/she knows that they are discriminating against another person. This connects to the article ‘’Montreal Gazette's Phil Carpenter: Black men are afraid to visit the United States’’ written by Phil Carpenter because he writes about how non-white people do not want to travel to the United States due to police shootings on black people. One of the shootings happened a couple months ago killing a black man named Alton Sterling because he was selling pirated CD’s in a parking lot. There was no action of violence or anything that gave this cop a reason to shoot the man. This relates perfectly with individual racism because many police officers are purposely arresting, causing trouble and even killing black people. They are consciously doing so. According to the article, incidents like this one have caused many black people as well as any other “people of colour” to refuse travelling to the states. There is a deep fear spreading around throughout these people. In class we learnt that the general definition of racism is when a group or person exercises their power over others based skin colour or other physical traits. This article perfectly shows this and it definitely deepened my understanding on the topic because it constantly repeats how these police officers have used their power to actually get away with racially profiling and even killing these innocent black people.   

            What does all this say about society? That people are afraid of our supposed sworn protectors. These people have to take steps and precautions in order to stay alive. I have learned a lot in class about the concepts of racism; although this article writes about real racist events happening today throughout people of different races deepening and helping me better understand this topic.




Carpenter, P. (2016, July 12). Montreal Gazette's Phil Carpenter: Black men are afraid to visit the United States. Montreal Gazette. Retrieved from http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreal-gazettes-phil-carpenter-black-men-are-afraid-to-visit-the-united-states





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