The Impact of Our Society

by 1531424 on September 12, 2016 - 10:13pm

This assignment will discuss my own personal experiences and a combination of the material that I learned in class. I will also go through my own reflections that I developed and how my perspective on our society has changed during the course of my class lectures.


Since the beginning of the semester I have learned a lot of different things on the subject of race. Something that stood out to me the most was the fact that there is no such thing as race. According to sociologist race is a term that was initiated by our society. Our society created this thing called “race” that puts us humans in different so called categories. As oppose to Biologist they classify living creatures into species (Diamond, J., 2016, para 6). This fact led me to reflect that we as human are even more alike then I thought. I believed that we were all the same but the only thing that was differentiating us was our race/categories but now I know that there is no such thing as race. 

The concept of race fluctuates depending on your personal experiences in my opinion. Depending if people have been racist towards you or not you may believe race is an actual concept if people don’t like you because of your race. The most significant thing that I learned in the power point in class was that we are all different because of natural selection. This changed my view on the world because I now don’t look at physical traits as part of a race.


The activity that has stood out the most to me is the one that we had to put different people into to different categories (black, white, Latino, etc.). I was surprised that I couldn’t identify every person’s ethnicity that easily. I learned in that class activity that you can not easily categories people in ethnic groups based on there physical appearances. I also was really surprised when I found out that there was no such thing as race. As I grew up society has imposed on me and on other people that we all are part of a racial group. Now sociologist are saying that we as society established that and there is no such thing as race. This made my view of the world change drastically. I now see our society has a bigger impact on younger generations and on the way people think.


If society had a big control on our way of thinking about race and how it existed. What else is society making us believe exist?

Diamond, J. (2016,winter). Race Without Color. In A. Nouvet (Ed.), Anthropology 381-1010-LA: The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism. Saint-Lambert, QC: Champlain.



This is a great post and you got me thinking to my self if there is such a thing as race. I believe that society has caused the typical human being into believe that race is a real thing. With todays society it is sad to say that race is shown in TV shows, movies, songs, books, and schools across the country. After reading your blog post, I am really convinced that there is no such thing as race. The only thing separating us from one another is skin color. Why should skin color determine whether or not you want to be friends with someone or sit with them at lunch, etc. Society has developed this huge concept in everyones brain that race maters. Even the government now has a classification system which is not fair. Society has impacted our generation in a wide variety of ways. We have been manipulated into categorizing everyone into a specific group due to there race. Not only has society had a big control on the way of thinking about race but to answer your question I too believe that society is making us believe other things exist. For example society has us believing that being rich is the only way to survive or fit in. I live in an average home and my parents are making normal pay and we are doing just fine. I fit in with everyone else normally. Society sucks and will continue to brainwash everyone.

I really like the idea that you brought up which was that there is no such thing as race but a genetic make up of one's genes. I think that today's media has evolved the idea of race, that everyone is segregated into group solely based off of skin color and national background. Everyone has the idea in their head that one "race" is superior to another based on where you live thanks to society and the media who brainwashed people into thinking that race is an important aspect of society. While deep down everyone is composed of the same genetic make up shared by their parents.

Media and society have undoubtedly poisoned the population with misconceptions and lies to fuel their viewership. It is the sad truth that not every person can be easily identified and often seen as a race that they certainly are not. In my own personal experience I have seen many middle eastern descendant of the catholic faith , called terrorist and radicals because of the current anti-Islamic attitudes in our country. I have seen Portuguese descendants called latinos and wall jumpers because of their skin color and the border issues this country faces. Social issues are turned into racial issues because it becomes a media frenzy that grabs an audience. I agree with many of the points made in this post and feel that young children should be taught at an early age that race is non existent in the human population.

Response: I agree with what you saying, there is no such thing as race. we are all the same but categories are the only thing that makes us different. I liked your post because I believe that we are all the same, and those categories should not divide us into groups. I am from Rwanda where people were divided into three categories; Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa. we are all the same we share the same cultures, language, and traditions but people who divided us made us believe that we are different according to our height, and noises. in 1994 Hutu people wanted to kill all Tutsi people so they started the genocide which took so many peoples life. Now imagine to kill your own people basing on their physical appearances, so I agree with ‘’our society has a bigger impact on younger generations and on the way people think’’. If those people who divided us into those three groups never made us believe that our physical appearance makes us different, Hutu people could never have killed they own people.

I honestly agree with you and your points are very valid, especially when you said that there is no such thing as race. We are all being categorized for an ignorant reason when we’re all actually the same. But I want to bring you to the topic of gender and the intersectionality that is happening. Intersectionality is basically describes how different systems of inequality and discrimination reinforce one another, which is what’s happening to women of color. Women of color get even more discrimination because they’re not only of different color, they have a different gender and our society doesn't treat woman well whatsoever. Also women these days are getting objectified and violated for people’s pleasure which is complete wrong. So you saying that society has a huge impact on the children when it comes to racism is true, but our society also has a huge impact on the children when it comes to sexism and racism at the same time. Obviously the society is a massive influence to younger generations and it changes their way of thinking and acting so if this inequality between genders and the mistreating of women continues then I cant imagine what our society will look like in the future.
Here’s a link to explain how women of color are being downgraded more than just white women and how intersectionality has a huge impact

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