Each Person Differently Views Race and Racism

by J.Landry on September 13, 2016 - 1:37pm

The subject of “racism” has always been around and I doubt that it will disappear anytime soon. And I’ve heard the word a lot growing up. My grandmother had always made a point that she wasn’t racist every time we saw her. In this class I have learned that many different people have different views on what is racist, just like they have on what “race” means. I’ve always known that each person thinks differently from another. This class and the reading that had been assigned just showed me, and continues to do so, exactly how different people view what a race is.

I have never had a problem with “race” or “racism” or anything in that area, but my best friend has. She grew up in a town where there weren’t many other different cultures present. The dominating population’s “white” Catholics. My friend’s family was the only Asian family in that region. Though she grew up with everyone, minus me, in her class she still had been somewhat ostracized for her physical features and of not being of the same “race” as everyone else. She had been bullied for how she looked, what she ate, etcetera. Though she grew up with these people she was still described as “the Asian” and a bit alienated from some things. I find it completely unfair and very rude.

                In class we talked about how the classifications of race can be and are very broad. They aren’t specific and often do not include everything. We learned that the categories the government uses to classify people aren’t the same as what one person would say they are. And some of those categories can be ridiculous. I had no idea that the government had a classification system until we spoke about it. These classifications can be unfair to others and have only a small and limited number of categories. It’s unfair to everyone. Especially when they base the categories on what they think should be the criteria.

                I find myself agreeing with Jared Diamond when he says that we put a lot of emphasis on our sex appeal to attract other people. We make ourselves as attractive as possible to catch the eye of the opposite sex to have intimate relations with, and the extra care we take to look good has absolutely nothing to do with outrunning a lion or other carnivorous predator. We make ourselves look is not a survivor skill that we’ll need. And he mentions that what one group of people living in one region find attractive won’t be the same in another region of the world. This too is something I agree with. In one part of the world a hairy man is very attractive while it won’t be in another part of the world.

In that there, what someone may find attractive and another wouldn’t, enforces that different people view things differently. “Race” is no exception to that. Nor would racist comments. If we are all so different in thought process, wants, needs, then why can’t the governments accept that and not try and put people in what they think are appropriate categories? 




the social benefit thing was the closest I could get to relate it to the article so I could post it, just thought you guys should know.

I can hear out when you say that you have never had a problem with "race" or "racism" because I do not either. Growing up my cousin who is black was recently adopted into our family. Our family has also just recently adopted two babies from Puerto Rico. My family does not believe in racism and neither do I. Todays society has made it so hard for others to love one another for who they re, no matter their skin color. This post made me think about how much racism there actually is with in schools. Everyone is categorized by there skin color when it comes to how well you can play a sport or how smart you are in your classes. It is typical for Asians to be categorized as being "smart" and it is typical for black people to be "athletic". I agree that the governments classification system is ridiculous and unnecessary. There is no possible way that it is fair to anyone. I think about how my two sisters are going to have to grow up and deal with the racism throughout the schools and it breaks my heart. Everyone is different for a reason. The color of your skin shouldn't matter.

I liked reading what your opinion was on viewing race and racism. It was good that you gave the example of how in all parts of the world people view "attractiveness" differently, and the example about the hairy man being attractive made me laugh and while typing this I come to realize that to me that is not attractive and it definitely links in to how race and racism is all viewed differently to every person. Governments should stop categorizing people into races and let every man decide for himself where they feel they fit in.
When I read your example about your best friend being the only Asian in a dominating white community in got me thinking about my own experience. When I was little, I kind of saw myself as the odd man out because I was not white and at the same time I saw myself as so. I lived in America, with a latino background. I get what your friend must have been feeling, that race was all that they saw when for the most part, people are starting to see the world more openly. I always feel like diversity is key, and that people can get a new perspective in what race and racism looks like.

Thanks for the positive comments and commenting at all. Also, sorry for the late response. Posting things online isn't something I usually do.

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