Do you have the right to wear a cultural indigenous headpiece?

by B.Matthews on October 19, 2016 - 8:54pm


No school board should be allowing their teachers to wear cultural headpieces or clothing from any religious group. It’s quite interesting how beneath the main title it states the reason the two teachers wore the headpieces was for the students to know where to go and which classes they were in. Further on in the article, I read that the two teachers that wore the cultural headpieces were both anthropology ad history teachers. For these two teachers to have an idea of this subject and how disrespectful this is to do is quite surprising. In all my years of going to school, I have never seen a higher authority tell someone to do what has been done at this elementary school. I am quite astonished to see the school disregard and disrespect a cultural group. Normally in school you’re taught to be sensitive about these sorts of issues, but in this case the school board ignored this fact and made it seem like it didn’t matter.


The author of this article correctly identified racism in this story by depicting the fact that the school board completely overlooked the hurtful actions towards cultural people of this group. In my anthropology class, we reviewed terms surrounding racism. The term I feel best describes this situation is institutional racism. This type of racism can be defined as a pattern of social institutions such as governments, school boards, banks and or courts of law giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. The topic discussed in this article further allowed me to understand the concept of institutional racism/ institutional discrimination. This article showed racism from a different perspective by allowing the readers to understand how the parents felt and how the children felt although not all of them might have grasped the problem. On the school board part, they chose to either intentionally or unintentionally discriminate a group of individuals in society. In this case, most viewed this issue by the school board intentional. This mistake highlights the wrongdoings of society and shows how society has to strictly teach children about the different cultures in society and not remain biased or think superior of your culture over another. I agree with the author on this topic because I have gone through a similar situation, although with the place I work at and not school. A higher authority might not realize at first that they are being racist, even though you know it is happening and you can’t really doing anything. You have this feeling that if you call them out by being racist that something bad will occur, you always have that thought in the back of your mind about it but can’t do anything to stop it. Racism is a problem in society and the only way to help change this issue is if we change the ways we look at things.  

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