Will You Wear it ?

by Ycheng on October 21, 2016 - 7:38pm

So Halloween is coming soon, everyone is looking for idea what to be. It’s that time of the year, where Halloween shops pops up to sell theie ridiculous expensive costume. People in Canada are outraged because some of these shops are selling “indigenous” costumes and they want to the company to stop manufactured these costumes. Which I completely understand why they’re frustrated about this.  I personally think they should stop selling and making those costume, because people will act it out and pretend to be an indigenous person. Most people who grew learning about indigenous people, they say they’re savages and don’t have the intelligent to comprehend English. You can see this in comic books, television, old textbooks … This just reinforce of how society see like the first people who came to America to conquer the first nation see indigenous people. Those costumes, those acts, those speech doesn’t correspond to how they are. These are stereotypes that people give to the first nation which is not fair and racist. In class we’ve talked about how stereotypes are just reinforce racism which creates social conflicts and bring attention there’s a problem in society. Furthermore, many Canadians are also outrage because of the sexualisation of indigenous women costumes, in relate of the amount of missing case of indigenous women in Canada. Which gives a hint of lack of compassion and a bitter disrespectful taste towards the first nation, in my opinion.  Big company seems to forget about the past how the ancestors of the first nation people were being slaughter and American colonialism. Maybe to you it isn’t offensive but to people targeted it is and it’s really disrespectful that we continue to accept this kinds of costumes that remembers bad stereotype and horrible past. Would you ever wear something that reflects a dark past of yours?






First of all, I like the way you asked a question as a title. It is intriguing; it makes people wonder what is going on here. I agree that some costume has gone way too far concerning racism. Some costumes are offensive and others simply racist. However, I would like to add a little extra about gender.

There are costumes that portray too much sexuality. Although there are sexual costumes for both males and females, the female population has way more choices regarding their costume than the male population. It is a matter of choice to dress as we like. However, costume manufacturers promote the use of (mainly) female sexuality in their design. Thus, promoting rape culture where the victim is at fault and normalizing the violence of the aggressor.

“[Psychologist Sally Foster] suggested that those who dress up as hot nurses, prostitutes or maybe even French maids might suggest someone’s repressed sexual tendencies”

Once again, it is a choice for people to dress up as they like. But, should manufacturers, designers and advertisers promotes sexuality?


I totally understand what you mean, however the reason that I didn't address on rape culture that much is because I was connecting this news article to my myth and racism class

That was a very interesting view on Halloween costumes Ycheng! However, I do think that we should look at the gender aspect on Halloween costumes as well. Theres is indeed racism involved when companies make certain types of costumes however there is also an involvement of sexism. These days walking into a halloween costumes shop is almost like shopping for lingerie.They often take professional jobs and make the costumes short and tight and with less fabric to show more of cleavage and skin. For example, “the sexy nurse” ,“the french maid” and “the sexy police officers”. This basically emphasizes the category that women have been put in for ages, that they are inferior to men and not worthy enough to be taken seriously for their jobs. The perfect example to show this is the gender wage gap which is the concept that women are paid less than men simply because they are women. The gender wage gap shows exactly how women are not seen as worthy enough to be paid the same amount of money as men. What these types of Halloween costumes also do is that they start to condition the minds of young girls into thinking that being sexy and skimpy is the norm for women in society. It forms stereotypes where women have to be thin, sexy and submissive where men have to be strong and dominant.


I totally understand what you mean, however the reason that I didn't address on rape culture and women sexualization is because I was connecting this news article to my myth and racism class

This post intrigued me because It's not a topic you often hear about normally. As a little girl going to Halloween stores picking out a costume, I would have never thought how offensive it would be to see a costume of myself or a costume that represents Hispanic people being sold at a a Halloween store where some people would do the most and try to ''act'' like us Hispanics are as if we are merely characters in a TV show or a joke. I guess in a way you can say I was shocked by this post. If there was an African-American costume in my home town that looked like a gorilla suit, I'm pretty sure the people in my community wouldn't like that AT ALL. Knowing some of the people in my old high school, I'm pretty sure if they saw a non-African-American person wearing that costumed trying to act like the stereotypical black person, they would most likely jump that person meaning beat them up. I understand just getting a costume for fun being a indigenous person etc. in my eyes I believe it's okay as long as the respect for that culture is still there.

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