Trump in The Mind of Darwin?

by Shannonodowd on October 21, 2016 - 9:01am

Many have come to believe that racism is an aspect that has lessened in time, although this belief is true, racism is still a major problem. There are still many outright racist minds left in the world that have not come to the biological proof that race does not exist. As Jenée Desmond-Harris explains in her article, “Racism is Real. Trump Helps Show it,” a new concept that was not covered in my class material as she names the “Ghost Metaphor” (Desmond, 2016,pg.2). It describes the dilemma of people who personally experience or aim to draw attention to racism; she uses Donald Trumps presidential campaign as a means of expressing her concept (Desmond, 2016,pg.2-3).  Trump refreshes to people who share the same point of view as him by boldly bringing attention to a world where individual and systematic racism and discrimination shape opportunities, and can determine fatal results for individuals or groups (Desmond, 2016, pg. 3).  According to Henry and Tator racism is defined as an ideology that says one racial group is superior then another, which is a relevant definition in relation to Trumps actions and behaviors. Trumps racists beliefs take form in both old and new racism, meaning he both encourages verbal insults towards racial group as well as physically removing subjects from situations in obvious manners.

When the article described Trumps behaviors as a promotion of racism it reminded me of a shocking video I had watched on Facebook by Ken Ham.  While Ham takes direct quotes from Darwin’s book “Origin of Species”, although primarily made up of animals at the end of his book Darwin writes that he will in distant future connect his theories to the evolution of man (Ham, 2016). Contradicting my class notes that racism is a modern concept that did not exist before the recent time, Ken Ham talks about Stephen Jay’s book “Ontogeny and Phylogeny” which states that biological arguments for racism were present in 1859 and had increased after the acceptance of the evolutionary theory (Ham, 2016).  Ken argues brings up an interesting point that when you are brought up to believe that there is a or you are a superior group as a result racism is created, and this is exactly what Darwin’s evolution did (Ham, 2016).

Another recite from Darwin’s book would be within the final pages when he mentions that in some point in time the civilized races of man will exterminate the savage races, by taking out those such as the Australian aboriginals and African Negros as a means of increasing the gap between Caucasians and apes (ham, 2016).  Although Darwin does not physically show discrimination to other racial group he has clearly showed a verbal aggression in a new form of racism.

Darwin in results is quite similar to Trumps when on the subject of racism when using the definition of racism according to Henry and Tator, as well as Desmond-Harris’s concept of “Ghost Metaphor”.  If a man like Darwin with an IQ of 165 and Donald Trump an IQ 156 don’t have the capacity to understand the wrong in promoting and spreading racial discrimination, how will humanity ever overcome racism as a whole (Stephen, 2013, para. 2)?