Is Sexual Racism Really Racism

by Emile David on November 14, 2016 - 1:08am



Is Sexual Racism  Really Racism?


In the article, Is Sexual Racism Really Racism? Distinguishing Attitudes Toward Sexual Racism and Generic Racism Among Gay and Bisexual Men, they talk about how sexual racism is a form of racial prejudice enacted in the context of sex or romance. For example, they mentioned the fact that some people will use online dating sites to make implicit comments about someone race, such as, not interested by Asian, or not interested by black people, etc. They refer this “action” as characterize discrimination and it is something that we also often see towards gay person. So, in Australia, they decided to do a little study on, how gay person see sexual race or sexual discrimination and the results were pretty surprising, 2177 gay or bisexuals man did the online survey and the majority of them had no problem in dating other races. I think this article is very relevant because it is actually a big issue in our society and no ones really realize it. I often hear people telling their sexual preferences and grouping them with race thinking it is ok, but in fact, I is not, and that is what the article is trying to tell us here. In the text they say: “Almost every identified factor associated with men's racist attitudes was also related to their attitudes toward sexual racism.” This sentence is another thing that we do not realize, it says “almost every”, not some or few, this is something really alarming in our society, but the subject in general isn’t cover enough by media or anything else and that is another of the many sub subjects of racism we need to fix.


I haven’t seen the term sexual racism before so I was interested to see if it meant what I initially assumed which it did. But I’m really questioning if having preferences like that really in racist. I know a lot of people who have racial preferences in who they date and will obviously not always abide by it but I guess I personally don’t have an issue with it since it isn’t really harming to anyone. Then I guess I also fall into that category for the quote you gave because honestly I feel like people can do or feel however they want as long as it doesn’t harm or negatively affect someone else but if it doesn’t, why should it even be an issue. However racism likely often negatively affects other people but I feel sexual racism is just like personal preference like someone preferring blonds over brunnettes.

This isn't exactly a popular topic people talk about, at least I haven't really heard people discussing it recently, that's what drew me in to this post. My freshmen- junior year in high school I went to a performing and visual arts high school, in that school there was of course an LGBTQ community and your straight community. Looking back and making some quick observations of the past, "sexual racism" to me is really just personal preference on what a person is attracted to physically to another person. Unless a person is really just racist towards a specific race and refuses to have sexual or intimate relationships with another specific person than that's what I would call sexual racism on a raw level. According to the original post sexual racism states that it's not that they're racist to the other person it's that they wouldn't be attracted to that specific type of racial group. "I often hear people telling their sexual preferences and grouping them with race thinking it is ok, but in fact, I is not, and that is what the article is trying to tell us here." Now I half agree with that statement, yes when some people speak about their sexual preferences they do sometimes group them with a specific race. What I disagree with is how the original post states that it's not okay; but really it is because it's a matter of preference. Preference is a matter of opinion it doesn't have to be right or wrong. Yea some people who get rejected by others they're attracted to because they weren't their type will be upset but, that's life and that just shows that that relationship wasn't meant to be. For example, How are you going to tell someone they're wrong for liking peanut butter and not liking chocolate at the same time? it depends on the persons preference. They don't have to be against other people liking other things. If that makes sense.

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