The Power of Natural Selection

by Noemielongpre on September 14, 2016 - 9:08am

During the last two weeks of class, I learned that human beings should not be classified into "race" since it is not biological, meaning that it is society that decides whether races exist or not. However we discusses in clss and wondered why people always want to know where other people with different origins come from. For example, I have a Black friend that was born in Africa, nut now lves here in Québec. when we are togetherhe often gets asked where he is from and people always skip me due to my skin color which they assume I come from Canada since I am white. What these people do not understand is that my friend's skin color is not only due to genetic, but mostly because of natural selection. this process is described as an adaptation of the human beings in consequence to their environment, meaning that my friend's skin color is black since in Africa the days are warmer and the sun can really burn your skin which is one of the reasons why most Africain are black,  since having dark skin protects you from the sunbeam. According to Jared Diamond's article, secual selection is also "evolved geographically" when it comes to human traits (Diamond, 1994, 22). In fact, sexual selection plays a role on the human's physic, which varies in different parts of the world, however these traits are "arbitrary" (Diamond, 1994, 13) since they do not help for "aid survival" (Diamond, 1994, 25). these two concepts discusses in class were new to me and I was really amazed to see how human beings and other living species can adapt so easily to their environment. For example, in the article "Race Without Color", it explains the role played by sexual selection whe it comes to the body hair on men. In Europe, men are "rather hsiry by world stands, while Southeast Asian men thend to have very sparse beards and body hair" (Diamond, 1994, 23). We say these traits are arbitrary simply because they do not affect our health and well-being. To conclude, why do individuals keep asking other people their race and nationality, when the answer is dependent to natural selection?


I agree with your statement that human beings should not be classified into "race". Although race may classify where you are from and your family history, I believe it should not be other peoples business. I do not understand why it is important to specify your race on a job application, applying for school, or anything else that requires your race. In my opinion, it is okay to personally ask someone their race because you are interested in learning about their culture but that should be the only time race should come to affect. It should not matter what race you, society should treat everyone the same as a whole.

I do agree with this post from the sense that on occasion people with a darker skin get asked where they are from. I think that when someone is a different race than Caucasian, it does get them more questions. I do agree with this post that people look differently when they are from different parts of the world, so that they are better suited for their environment. It makes total sense why people have differences and different characteristics being from different places. This is why we can’t discriminate. We are all best suited for what we need to do. The world needs to come together to stop asking about race and nationality, to be one.

I was drawn to your post when you mentioned that race is classified through society and not biologically. Society is the reason that there are distinctions between skin color. Humans are judgmental and intrusive indefinitely, we pry through others' personal lives to satisfy our own curiosity. I can relate directly to your story about those who question people of different origins to find out where they come from. I often notice that humans tend to make assumptions of where people live based on their appearance thus separating them into a category unlike their own. I have physical traits similar to those who live in Sweden or Germany because of my lightly colored skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Therefore I am always directed the same questions about my origin, yet, I am of neither decent. Living in America the question is pretty familiar for everyone because of the diversity in our country's population. I found myself intrigued on another valid idea of yours about sexual selection. People are no longer only dark skinned near the equator and light skinned towards the poles, sexual selection causes a wide variety of physical attributes all around the world. I agree that these traits are arbitrary because we do no need them for our survival, it is all happening through choice and evolution and will continue to happen. I believe as races in the world become more diverse through time, we will have a more peaceful place to live.

I completely understand where you are coming from, stating that is in not right for people to ask others where they are from, and to put them in the uncomfortable situation of saying they are from *insert place here*. This can be explained by the simple differences that are contrary to the norm where you are from. From what I've concluded in your article, it is completely regular to be white in Quebec, which makes anyone not white an outlier. Of course these people are going to be asked where they are from, because your friend also most likely has a different accent from most Canadians as well due to time spent in a different region. It is not wrong of these people to ask your friend where he's from, but more so they can see some new diversity in the area. I do not believe they intend it with malicious or racist intentions, but simply because they would like to know more about your friend. You do however, make very impressive points about sexual and natural selection, and how these influence race, but I believe your question has a different reason than what you are suggesting. I especially enjoyed your point about the body hair of different areas on Earth, which shows how we are all different but that superficial differences should not divide us! Thanks for a pretty neat perspective, and have fun this year in your class!

I completely agree with this post, people should not be categorized by there background and where they come from, but unfortunately it is not something that we can not rid of, possible solutions, maybe to rid the negativity that is taken from race? Also isn't it amazing that because of the geographical location that people live in determine how they adapt to life around them?

I chose to read this article because I also agree with your statement that human beings should not be classified into "race". Society is the reason that race exists. I do not think it is fair that people who have a darker skin tones or different physical characteristics are often asked where they are from, where as people who have lighter skin tones with common physical characteristics are not as often asked.
From experience people often ask me where I am from and when I tell them they are completely shocked. Because of my medium skin tone, and my characteristics most people identify me as hispanic and when I tell them that I am not they are shocked. My father is African-American born and raised in the United States and my mother is French-American and born in raised in the United States as well. When I tell people my race as mixed with both black and white they are very shocked. Why must people get such a shock from someone based on their race? Physical characteristics should not classify as person.

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