Muslim Immigration: the Reason of Terrorism in America?

by Mariam Mikhail on October 21, 2016 - 11:06am

in his article “Lone Wolf Terrorism is Caused by Muslim Immigration”, Daniel Greenfield states that there is an increase lone wolf terrorism because there is an increase in Muslim immigration. While I was reading this article, all I could think about is how the author uses generalization a lot, and that gives a racist tone to his arguments. For instance, he argues that right now 1% of the American population is Muslim, and they already “disturb” the common peace of the country. For this reason, he thinks the United-States should stop Muslim immigration. He also referrers to them as the “enemies inside the country.” If I were to analyze his article, I would say that he is using argue that he is using explicit racism, because he knows that not all Muslims are terrorists (he even states this during his article), but he still chooses to blame the whole group because of the actions of a small percentage. I would also say he is using individual racism, which, as we saw in class, is a type of racial discrimination that is derived from a conscious and personal prejudice.

This article really disturbed me on many levels. Not only does it use racism as a basis for it’s arguments, but it also uses hasty generalization by trying to convince the readers that all Muslims are the problem. Islamophobia is an increasing belief in our modern society, and articles like this one prove this. In reality, this shouldn’t be the case. I think the problem today is that we focus too much on the religion of the person and we don't take the time to analyze the situation as a whole like we do when there is a tragedy that happens where a white skinned person is involved. There are too many negative connotations attached to the term “Arab” and “Muslim”. We, as a society, focus too much on these and not enough on the fact that these terms do not define them as a person.


Finally, I think the author has a biased view on the subject. He is judging all Muslims according to one variable, which, in my opinion, he shouldn’t do. I do agree with him on one point: the Untied-States should decrease immigration for a while, but not only for Muslims, for everybody.

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