Kneeling-Down for Black American equality

by GianLeNinjaDeKonoha on October 21, 2016 - 10:20am

Gian Franco Pietrantonio

Anthropology 381-204-LA

The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism

Group 544

October 21, 2016

Kneeling-Down for Black American equality

The article I choose talks about what happened a few months ago in the United States. A well-known football player called Colin Kaepernick playing for the San Francisco 49ers did an out of the ordinary action. During a pre-season game, at the national anthem time, instead of standing up with his hand on his chest, he kneel-down. He immediately stood out of the rest of the player and received many critics for that. At the interview after the game, he explained that he kneel-down because he did not acknowledge the anthem of a “free” country oppressing black people. 

In a part of the article, the writer quoted Colin Kaepernick showing us how brave he is and how he understand his world and the country that he is living in. The player said that he is naturally treated differently than other African-American of lesser means and stature because of his $14 million earning for a year. This is of course true. He is experiencing kind of the same treatment as white people are receiving when getting pulled over by police. Even though he is a human like everybody else, since he is rich he has more privileges. He wisely states “you have to look at people as human beings, not what their status is or how they can help you”. This can be related to the very interesting experiment we did with the eye colors. You have to look past biological and physical traits to really treat someone as they deserve. Furthermore, I can related to being treated differently for my language and my skin color when I arrived to Canada. I would love someone who stood up for me when some kids bullied me for my Spanish accent. In this article we see how Kaepernick uses his influence to stand up for a cause he finds noble, important and necessary for the well-being of the United States “my voice is being heard; the voice of the people is ultimately being heard”.

In conclusion, we see how Kaepernick stands out for his people by kneeling-down for the anthem of his racially corrupted country. However, is it really necessary that a multi-millionaire football player take action to make people realiwze and stop being passive about the racial discrimination in the United States?

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