Disturbing Fans

by SimDes07 on October 22, 2016 - 9:38pm

The article from Huffington Post emphasizes on racist actions done by the Toronto Blue Jays’ fans during the game opposing the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. The Toronto Blue Jays’ fans were screaming racist comments on players of the Cleveland Indians, Hyun Soo Kim and Adam Jones. Hyun Soo Kim, native from South Korea, and Adam Jones, from California, both received racial slurs hurled from Toronto’s fans in the crowd. Fans tend to drink during these games because of the competition related to it. The competition is so important for fans that the combination of alcohol and the wild-card game disturbed players on the field and other fans in the crowd.


When the article described the behaviour of Toronto’s fans, it made me think of racism. In fact, racism is a system in which one group of people exercises power over another group on the basis of skin colour, cultural differences and other physical traits. Racism is also an implicit or explicit set of beliefs, erroneous assumptions, and actions based on this ideology. In this case, the fans of the Toronto Blue Jays did explicit actions based on this ideology. In addition, fans were exercising power over players of the Cleveland Indians based on their cultural differences.


The story described in the article reminded me of a personal experience that happened this summer. I was at the bank to deposit money in my account when I faced racist actions. While I was waiting in the line to be served, I heard a client at the counter saying that he didn’t want to be served by the employee of the bank because of his skin colour. The client asked another employee of the bank if it was possible to be served by him or someone else instead of the one already assigned to him.


To conclude, this kind of event was not the first one done at the Rogers Centre. In fact, a beer has been thrown at Hyun Soo Kim earlier in the series. That being said, being on the effect of alcohol can lead more easily to inappropriate behaviour. To avoid events like these, beer cans are now prohibited at the Rogers Centre.




Ostroff, J. (2016, October 19). Blue Jays Must Crack Down On Fans Who Throw Racist Slurs, Not Just Beer Cans. The Huffington Post Canada. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/joshua-ostroff/blue-jays-racist-slurs_b_12530916.html


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Hi! I really enjoyed reading about your post. I’m extremely sorry about the incident that occurred during the summer, as I agree with you that racism in sporting events go to extreme inappropriate lengths In the article that you read, the fans performed their inconsiderate acts due to their alcohol consumption and the disturbance of those in the crowd. Furthermore, not only do sporting events have the issue of racism and alcohol which lead to unacceptable behaviours, but it also has the effect of violence in general. Sports and masculinity have and will always be strongly tied together, but men are also tied to violence, thus tying the three of these things as a whole. There are a significant amount of national and team rivalries, but besides racism another cause for these events are the need for political power. Men believe they are supposed to live up to being violent and always maintain the highest political status and that is what causes these issues. However, this is not a problem to due the men themselves, but because of how society promotes masculinity and encourages them to take action. With that being said, here is a little article on a violent event that took place at the London Stadium after a West Ham and Chelsea game. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3881880/London-Stadium...

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