Jews Persecuted in France: The Rise of Anti-Semitism & Racism

by Jsquesnel on September 30, 2014 - 8:13pm


             The article ‘’les actes antisémistes se sont multipliés en France’’  has been published and edited  in September 11th, 2014 by LaPresse. This article describes how anti-Semitic acts of violence have dramatically increased in France in the year. Jews are victims of terrorist attempts, vandalism and some of their commerces are set to fire. Jews are also verbally attacked and Synagogues and other community space are the victims of gang attacks.  This was never seen before. People are scared and an increase in emigration has been noticed. Jews are leaving Europe to go in Israel. This article explains that there were two events that point out the rise of anti-Semitism in France. First of all, in January 26th, a manifestation was organized against the government. In this manifestation: anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic discourses were done. The second event was in July, when synagogues began to be attacked. It’s been months now that Jews denunciate these outrageous acts. They now consider these acts of violence as a ‘’mass phenomenon’’.


          This article is very interesting. We all say that being racist is bad and that discrimination is not approved by our values as a society. However, when we think about France, a country which is so familiar to us, we notice there are a lot of improvements to do. It is also interesting to think about the link there is between anti-Semitism and racism. Actually, I think that they are both similar in terms of social and psychological impact.   The article provides a lot of statistics; we learn that the violence acts are rising. In fact, in 2014, 527 acts and treats have been register in only 7 months. This is a lot. It is even more scandalous when we think that we are in 2014. We tend to say that ‘’Canada is not a racist country’’ and that we have made progress. However, if we look at what is going on in France, we realize that racism is still frequent in our society. I think it is the main point of the relevance of this article: it exposes injustice publicly done by a developed country that could be Canada.  Just like I said, the article provides a lot of statistics so that we can make ourselves an image to measure the magnitude of this issue which is very good. However, the article does not explore the conflict from the inside. By this, I mean that it would have been a good idea to provide some stories about Jews being persecuted or some witnesses to have the point of view form people living there. Some personal quotes could have been a good way to support the main points of the article. Some quotes from the SPCJ (Service de protection de la communauté juive) have been used to support the statistics and the information. The information in this article is therefore pretty accurate. After the lecture of this article, the conclusion cannot be clearer: concrete actions need to be taken and I totally agree with that. The SPCJ argued that these acts have a significant negative impact on the Jewish community. I totally agree with this statement: everyday Jews are persucutes, so how could they be comfortable living in a country where they are in danger? Change need to be done. 


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Your article is very interesting to me. Your title caught my attention because Jews are still persecuted and this pissed me off. From 1939 to 1945, Jews lived the horror of racism. Even in 2014, they still live it and it's very bad. I agree with you, France is a similar country to Canada. They are like us. I think both countries have issues with racism. Racism still exists everywhere. I think that Jews are suffering from a structural form of racism; society excludes substantial members of a particular group. I like your comment on the article that you responded. Moreover, I agree with you when you said that it could be nice to have some quotes or personal experiences of people that lived this discrimination to make a good image in our head. Can you think of some solutions for this situation?