Set Up For Failure

by j.nguyen on October 28, 2014 - 4:42pm

In the article “For Black Students the School to Prison Pipeline Is in Higher Gear Than Ever” by Earl Ofari Hutchinson in Huffington Post from October 24th, 2014 explains how there are a concentrated amount of black students that are either expelled or suspended in America’s public school institutions and under the radar the number of black students who get arrested based on alleged behaviours are greater than expulsion or suspension. If the student is black, a single wrong look or slight scuffle could cause the school to involve the police. Statistics show that more than 70% of black/Hispanic were associated with being arrested or turned over to the authorities. The rate of black students arrest is 1/3rd higher than the rate for white students being arrested. School’s have overreacted when perceiving the behaviour of some black students due to enforcement and public policies. Majority of arrests are minor offenses such as disrespect, loud noises, loitering, etc… With no serious offenses such robbery, gang violence or assault. A team of academics have observed black students to be more disruptive and violent as opposed to white students. The dropout rate for black students continue to be excessive which causes a vicious cycle of crime, unemployment and incarceration. School’s go to lengthy extremes to get rid of any disruptive behaviours from students but the problem is that majority of these students are black.

In my opinion, the students who are being oppressed are already being set up for failure due to the color of their skin. School’s already perceive them to be failures and to drop out of school before they are even able to graduate. Teachers have a negative outlook on the black students and have false perceptions of their capability when it comes to their education. They are quick to judge them based on the color of their skin and jump at the opportunity to call the authorities if a black student were to be disrespectful, look at the teacher wrong, or get into a minor argument. The negative assumptions of black students from school institutions don’t motivate students to be better than those assumptions or try to change these assumptions. Instead they fall into the stereotypes thus proving these assumptions.

Hutchinson, E.O (2014, October 24). “For Black Students the School to Prison Pipeline Is in Higher Gear Than Ever”. Huffington Post. Retrieved October 25, 2014 from


I agree, these stereotypes are wrong. The education system set up for White students to succeed, where good schools (private schools) are usually at a high cost and with high standards than many can't afford. Many schools are prejudice and do make assumptions to what their students will be like and how they will succeed based on their race. For example, like given in the article, many Black students are usually expected to drop out or fail many classes while, for another example, Asians are expected to be very smart and good in math. These stereotypes are usually shown in movies and give their views a bad perception on what some races actually are. In movies, Black students usually end up caught up in drugs and forced to drop out or fails too many classes due to outside influences and White students tend to do well and are not affect in the same ways. In society we might be at a bad stage of racism in the education system but I believe we can still come a long way like in the past women were not allowed to go to school now they can and now have a better success rate than men. Society will make the changes necessary to become better.

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