Moncton Shooting

by mattymo on June 9, 2014 - 4:44pm

Summery of the Moncton Shooting

A gun loving man named Justin Bourque went on a rampage shooting and killing three RCMP officers. The police were on a manhunt until the said shooter was apprehended and arrested. There are still no motives for the killings.


Summery of the June 9th artical

This is how I would summarize the article. Justin came from a large and loving family whom went to church regurlarly excpet for Justin who has not gone for 3 years. The parents never saw a violent streak in their child but Justin did at times have problems with authorative figures. "Bourque said he assumed people would judge his family for having home schooled their children, and said such criticism came from a ''place of ignorance'' although he didn't want to judge." A lot of people do not get the help that they need when it comes to psychological behavior which can lead to a fatale misfortune. A lot of people act out a character from a movie or a video game which can get them into a lot of trouble. It's not the guns that do the damage, its the mind behind it.



I think that Justin had a psycholical psychotic breakdown unless he was on drugs.

I think this happened becasue Justin was one person who unfortunately fell through the cracks when needed psycholoical help.

Maybe he should have been followed by a psychologist or a psychiatrist from a earlier age.



Good article. Very insightful.

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