Fix mental care system or expect more killings

by sammig on June 10, 2014 - 1:01pm

This article talks about a young man named Elliot with a history of chronic anger and mental illness that just killed six people and injured 13 others. It says he left behind YouTube videos along with a 137 page depraved diatribe making it clear that his miserable life was everyone else’s fault and he planned to make the innocent pay. He blamed woman for rebuffing his advances and hated the “stuck up” college students who never accepted him. He planned to kill his 6-year-old brother who was more popular with woman that he had been. He stabbed three men to death in his apartment before taking his car to the streets, shooting and killing three more people and injuring 13 others only to kill himself right after.

Many people argue that the focus should be on eliminating misogyny but this is not the root cause of this rampage. The article focuses on the fact that if the mental health service system isn’t fixed, we’ll never stop another Elliot Rodger. His parents knew he had mental health problems and have been giving him treatment since he was in elementary school; they said they increased treatment when he got much worse as a teenager.

The article states that only a criminal record would have prevented him from buying weapons, treatment for mental illness however, it does not prevent anyone in California from buying guns. Rodger was free under the law to refuse to take his anti-psychotic medications and unless he was deemed an immediate threat nothing could be done. It says that because mental health laws allow patients the right to self-determination in their treatment of mental illness, the system of laws and policies put mental health decisions in the hands of the mentally ill. The power needs to be switched back to the caregivers, professional and the police.

Overall this is a very good article that focuses on the problems of the mental health system and what should be done so this doesn’t happen again. 


I agree with sammy's statement that the mental health care system isn't perfect, and that there are still flaws within it. The only issue is that, if you start locking up people with mental health issues out of fear of them attacking others, is that ethically right? These people should have the freedom like anyone else to do what they please, and although some might act out and kill people, there are plenty of people without disorders that do the same, so i believe this is just one incident that although could have potentially been avoided, in a way it couldn't have been. People have the freedom to do what they want , mentally ill or not. And they just have to face the consequences that come with their actions. And if you are mentally ill, and don't take your medication, that is your choice. If that choice leads to you shooting people, you should be held responsible in my opinion because you didn't want to take the medication that could have easily prevented this from happening.

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