Bourque family tried to get help for accused Moncton killer

by Zweigjake on June 10, 2014 - 9:35pm

summary of event

Justin Bourque lived in Moncton, New Brunswick and seemed to all a very nice guy. One day, he was walking down the street armed with guns. People who were walking on the street got scared and called the police. When the police arrived, Bourque started shooting at the officers, killing 3 of them. The police and Bourque were at a stand off for over 24 hours until he surrendered. He was finally arrested and was taken into custody.

Summary of the article

Justin Bourque was a gentle person who had gone insane ever since he stopped going to church with his family. His family tried getting him help, they even tried calling the police but they were too busy to deal with his son. Justin shot and killed three police officers. The Bourque’s felt really terrible about what he did to the officer and families. They sent their condolences to them and to their community. Justin was charged with 3rd degree murder 2 attempted murders. Parents were blaming Justin’s parents for what he has become but the Bourque’s are trying to solve the mystery on what could have happened to their son. Mr. Bourque said that while his son is locked up in jail maybe he would reach out to god and realize what he has done.  They article says that if you get the right help from the beginning, then when they see the signs that something is wrong then they could do something. It’s better to do something late than never.


I think that Justin went crazy and starting rebelling by going on the street with a gun scaring others. I think this happened because he grew up in a very religious family. There were to many rules and obligations that he did not believe in that made him rebel and go insane. I don’t think that people should be able to buy guns and if Justin didn’t have a gun then he wouldn’t be able to shoot people. Of course there are other ways he could have hurt people, which is why prevention is so important, but I think that owning a gun makes people feel that using it on others is an option if necessary, and it’s not. One method of prevention would be a program that helps people who want to live differently than the way they grew up with their parents. It should help them integrate into a different way of living. For example, someone who grows up in a religious family may need help transitioning into a more secular life style. Another prevention method would be training families to look for early signs of insanity, so if they see it in a member of their family they can get them help early on before anything happens.




You know, I really don't think that Justin's decision to gun down police officers in the middle of a urban area had anything to do with his religious upbringing. Just because there are a lot of rules and limitations in that lifestyle is not enough to make someone decide to do something as deranged as that. Besides, no one else in his family has done anything even comparable to what he did, and they live in the same very religious lifestyle as him.

I mean, as far as rebelling against your family goes, there are simpler, easier, less deadly and cheaper ways to do it.

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