Mental Health issues aren't to any of concern to Presidential Candidates...?

by gdilillo20 on September 8, 2015 - 9:11pm


Mental health issues have become one of the most common issues in practically everyones lives. In the U.S. mental health issues is a problem for everyone, people who think they have a mental health condition, those who do, it is of great importance. Yet during the Presidential Candidates poll about a week ago, journalist for Forbes, did some research and out of the severeal candidates, not one of them had page on their poll sites, about their stance on mental health issues. There wer only sites to donate money or buy things that had the candidates names on them. Candidates always have previous news articles online based on them about what they sa, what was pointed out in their speaches, yet out of all the news about the Presidential Candidates, not one mention on their stance on mental health and what they can do that can help the 40% of the population "whom mental health care costs are a barrier." If candidates do mention the issue they mention it vaguel and not precisly on the actual issue and what they can do to help the problem, "When they do, what they say falls very clearly along party lines... In other words and not surprisingly, mental health gets a mention where it seems to be politically expedient."


In my opinion, mental health issues arent focused enough an when it is, they criticize it. To be president, the qualifications, arent just to be smart, elliquent, polite, but also to be yourself and to say what you actually belive can do well for the population. If not, then you shouldnt be President of the United States of America. The U.S is very large, yet out of the dozens of candidates they couldnt menton ways to help mental health issues, because they believe that they dont have issues and amental health issue is just crazy people. In this article, none of these candidates are smart because they have no idea what to expect and how much they need to take into consideration if they cant even mention their stance on mental health issues since its one of the most common issues.


Thats an interesting thing to say, because mental health is extremely important and if 40% of americans have a mental health problem, it is way too large a figure to go unnoticed. These candidates should be more aware of the fact that mental health is just as important as any other type of health and should not be overlooked. They shouldn't only talk about health problems when it gets out of hand, they should be implementing more strategies to help the mentally ill, because it is not a small subject and I'm sure it could benefit the candidates a lot because I'm sure a lot of people with mental illness will likely vote for the person who's going to help them.

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