A Wine a Day…Keeps the Psychiatrist Away? Light Drinking Linked to Lower Risk of Depression

by farrahg.js on September 10, 2013 - 8:53pm

As alcohol consumption increased world wide, there were previous studies that have shown that heavy alcohol consumption is related to developing mental health problems, such as depression. In a new article in BMC Medicine, there was a study that was made, where researchers reported on a group study that followed 5,500 light-to-moderate drinkers for up to seven years to study the relationship between alcohol intake and depression. The participants that were in the study were from the PREDIMED study, and they were aged 55-80 years old, and they had never suffered from depression or had any alcohol related problems when the study started. The main alcoholic beverage drunk by the participants in the study was wine. When the study was analysed, it showed that moderate drinkers were less likely to suffer from depression. Participants in the group who drank 2-7 small glasses of wine per week, showed the lowest rates of depression. When the study was over, the results remained significant even when the participants went back to their lifestyle and social factors. Professor Miguel A.Martinez-Gonzalez, from the University of Navarra, said that lower amounts of alcohol intake might similarly protect what has been observed for heart diseases related to the arteries that surround and supply the heart.

In my own opinion, what is said in the article and the results seem to be logical. Everything that is taken but within limits and in balance is not harmful but also does well for the individual. This study was tested on several thousands of individuals, so it seems to be valid and accurate, especially that the results remained remarkable after the study was over and the participants went back to their regular lives.


Article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130829214354.htm


this summary was very interesting and the topic it focused on. I was very interested by the results of this study because it taught me that drinking in moderation can be beneficial. this could inform people of the dangers of binge drinking and encourage drinking in moderation. the results do seem logical and were surprising because alcohol abuse has left its mark in the lives of many.

The summary of this article was fantastic but honestly i completely disagree with the content of the article. The article is solely focused on alcohol and depression it doesn't mention the other harms alcohol causes your body. For example it doesn't talk about the affect on liver, which is where alcohol does most damage. What if the person drinking a glass of wine a day gets addicted to drinking? That's a huge problem on it's own. I think there are many other ways to avoid depression than drinking a glass of wine a day, although it might be true, i don't think its the best solution.

I am totally agree with your point of view. Everything that is done in equilibrium is reasonable. Actually, the article below reveals that alcohol is literally good for your heart, obviously if consumed properly. Keep aware!
I am also convinced by the article, for its great premises and conclusion that support their argument. The sample of people (volunteers) is not small, which is good to accomplish such experience and result. The age of the participants is rational and logic, for they are not too young so they cannot take the test as a gag or a joke. It is super to confirm that they have never suffer of any disease related to alcohol. However, the number of small glasses of wine consumed by the participants per week is a little bit broad. The source of the article is also valid as well as the date of its publishing. Therefore I am glad of the experience and its result.