The tundra

by Beatrice Manning on March 13, 2018 - 2:45pm

The article “Tundra” describe well the tundra lands and the impact of the climate change on these lands. It is a very interesting region as you can see on the images and on the video it is also really beautiful! In the Arctic tundra, the temperature is between 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a lot of species that lives there like Artic foxes, gray wolves, caribou, polar bears, snow geese and musk-oxen! In the summer the sun shines 24 hours a day and it last 50 to 60 days. There are not a lot of plants on these lands and the ones that manage to be there are really sensible to any environmental change or stresses. Global warming has a serious impact on the Artic tundra. It creates problems between some species and it disturbs how the ecosystem is really supposed to be. Red fox that are normally found near the south are moving in the tundra so they are now competing with the Artic fox. They need to fight not only for their territory but also for their food and this could eventually have a serious impact on the Artic fox. Also, the permafrost is melting faster which is problematic because it destroy the habitat for many native animals which could be bad for the biodiversity of the tundra. It is also know that the permafrost tied up 14% of the Earth’s carbon. So this contributes to speed up how climate change is occurring.


The tundra is a place full of beautiful different and important species and it is an important place to control global warming  so we should take actions to reduce global warming today to help save this beautiful place.

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