Climate Change consequence on Biodiversity

by krysisidore on April 2, 2018 - 7:44pm

In the article “HOW DOES CLIMATE CHANGE AFFECT BIODIVERSITY” by Meg Michelle, she explains the multiple impact that can occurs with climate changes. The main cause of climate change is global warming. Mainly greenhouse gases that absorb the sun’s heat are caught in the atmosphere which increases the temperature level down on earth. the author of this article uses examples of consequences on the ocean biodiversity and land biodiversity to explain the importance of global warming on climate change. Changes such as the reduction of polar life due to the melting of polar ice pack. Animals such as polar bears, puffins or penguins are losing heir habitat to climate change. Of course, as the ice packs melts the sea level rise which can result in the destruction of coastline ecosystems. Climate change can also disturb the mating cycle of animals, mostly migratory animals that rely on season changing as an indicator for their migrations and reproductive timing as cited by Meg Michelle. Climate changes can alter the temperature and even the current of oceans. This can largely affect zooplankton that are an essential part of the oceanic food chain. To add to this, an increase to carbon dioxide can cause acidification to the water levels. To add to this, a lack of biodiversity in the world can greatly disrupt the food chain, that can finally, greatly affect us mankind. As described by Meg Michelle in her article, the decrease in insect species can alter plant pollination. With less plants pollinated they die out, which now can affect human’s ability to make medicine. Us human as the main producers of green gases must take in consideration all the great consequence global warming can bring on climate and how it can change and greatly disrupt many of the ecosystems that we use to live on a daily basis.

Michelle, Meg. “How Does Climate Change Affect Biodiversity?” SCIENCING, 7 Feb. 2018,

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