The Importance of international Trade for Mexico

by Calva on January 20, 2016 - 4:13pm


 International trade is the exchange of goods between a country and another, international trade is important because the distribution of services and goods to contries where dont exist these kinds of services, today, farms need people with this capacity because the principal activity of these industries are increasing the sales to the farm and to do this the farms need to expand their market  and have competitive prices  into and out of their country.

I am interested  in this topic because I  want to work some day in an important farm that has a foreign presence.For example PEMEX, the most impotant Mexican oil company that extracts, processes and sells oil to other countries.

For this reason I woud like to have your point of view, tell me the principal capabilities that I have to have to work in these farms, the kind of vocabulary necessary. Please recomended me some articles for reading, for example magazines, news articles, books, or something like these. 


I really like that at the end of your writing, you ask your reader for their opinions.

That makes your writing the start of a dialogue. I don't have a lot of experience working with farms and trade, but I will try to look into your question and see what I can find.

Hello Calva,

In your writing, you asked about resources for improving use of business language.

I think one of the best ways is to read business articles that interest you.

Here are some resources that might help.

For learning English,
The British council has this website with different lessons that might interest you
The NewYork times has an education blog, but this is much more focused on American pop culture than business

For business stories
This site has a lot of articles that I find interesting, with shorter, easier to read articles
The financial times may be tougher to read, but you can find more stories in English about Mexico and Latin America on this part of their website
Unfortunately, you may have to pay for a subscription to look at their articles though.

Finally, this website has some good tips on using magazines to help develop your English

They suggest this magazine for business interests

Take a look at them, and use what interests you most

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