Women Treated As Puppets

by DanielaSpinelli on February 17, 2014 - 1:50pm

The following article will address the issue of domestic violence with information gathered from the Montreal news and Denver news. The news articles will summarize recent events that involve domestic violence against women. The first article titled “Jahmane Bolton, aka Montreal rapper Frost, pimped and beat girlfriend” reviews a Montreal case of domestic violence about a women who was forced into modern-day slavery. The second article titled “Denver Prosecutors Drop Domestic Violence Case against Avalanche Goalie Varlamov” will be used to illustrate how overlooked domestic violence actually is.  In addition, the Journal of Family Violence provides an academic article that explains the history and definition of domestic violence. The issue of the violence against women will be analyzed by the psychological discipline.

The CBC news article posted on January 18, 2014 about Johman Bolton or “Frost” rather, who was sentenced to four years in jail for violent abuse to his at the time girlfriend. Bolton forced his girlfriend to become a stripper and prostitute to use her as a money source. When she failed to bring back his expected amount she was violently beaten. His girlfriend had little freedom and was required to ask permission for anything other than essentials such as meals and restroom visits. Éliane Legault-Roy of CLES (Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle) evaluated the victim and found for her to have issues with drugs, mental health and physical health due to the domestic violence she experienced from Bolton. More information about the Montreal case can be found here. 

On December 21, 2013 the Montréal Gazette posted the article about Semyon Varlamov, the Colorado Avalanche goalie, who was accused of violent assault against his girlfriend, Evgeniya Varinyukat. Varlamov was accused of knocking Evgeniya down, kicking her, stomped on her chest, and dragged her by her hair into their apartment. Charges were dropped because not enough evidence was present. Varlamov could have been convicted for approximately two years. More information of this case can be found here.

An academic article published in the Journal of Family Violence titled “Domestic Violence Against Women: Systematic Review of Prevalence Studies” written by Samia Alhabib, Ula Nur and Roger Jones discusses the history of domestic violence, the traumatic experience, the gender inequality, and the overall stress and wellbeing of victims. The Journal of Family Violence contains information about all types of abuse from psychological and sociological perspectives. The authors describe domestic violence as any of the following; verbal, physical, and sexual assault. Domestic violence according to the article, is seen as a public issue that violates human rights. There are several arguments on the lack of attention of said issue because the physical, psychological, and economic abuse of the victimized women are suffering. In addition, domestic violence can cause a variety of long-term effects for women, a higher risk for those aged 15 to 19 such as mental illness, physical illness, chronic pain, physical disabilities, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and depression. The article takes on a negative view of the issue mainly because many victimized women spend their life in fear and self-hatred, continuously suffering even after the abuse has stopped. The authors conclude that the issue of domestic violence should be assimilated with medical training, government and legal operations. It is to be understood that once a women is freed from the abuse does not mean that she is done hurting. 

In conclusion, domestic violence is not only a physical issue but a mental health issue as well.  To further understand domestic violence and why it occurs, researchers are continuing to analyze the issue from a psychological perspective.  The psychology discipline aims to understand why people say and act the way they do, what their actions mean, and how they feel. Domestic violence is usually evaluated through a psychological perspective because it is necessary to understand both the victim and the offender to determine why the abuse is happening and how it can be avoided. The offender’s role is just as important as the victims. According to the psychology of domestic violence, the offenders are usually abused at one point and time in their lives and have adopted a violent nature to use it to express themselves. In short, to avoid the process of the victim becoming the abuser more awareness on domestic violence is needed. Some victims don’t develop angry, violent behavior but instead develop depression and self-hatred. They begin to think they’re not good enough or deserve to be treated as they are, some even convince themselves that the abuse is an act of love. Domestic violence has a negative impact on the mental health of all victims. It is important to tackle the issue and create institutions were victims can go to improve their mental health so that they can live a healthy and safe life. Domestic violence is a problem happening all around the world and it will not be fixed or dealt with in a day, so societies should get moving.



This article easily changed my mood and made me upset just by reading it. I agree that domestic violence towards women is a major issue that needs more attention and it needs to be stopped. Domestic, physical and verbal violence, abuse, and sexual violence are also mental health issues and traumatize many people and can ruin their lives. These kinds of things scar people for life and can cause people to live life in fear. That is not the right way to live and something needs to be done about this issue. I think there should be more awareness and more education about the topic. This kind of violence causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Violence should not ever be used to express ones thoughts.

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