Stella’s Circle, The Circle of Life

by Scimson on March 3, 2014 - 12:08am

Stella’s circle is a charitable organization based on the principles of personal growth, community involvement, social justice, dignity and compassion. Their mission is to promote the development of communities and to attack oppressive social policies. Their objective is to help people get a job, a home and help from their community in order to provide them with a quality of life.

In 2014, Stella’s Circle’s action plan is based on three different aspects. First, by offering training and helping the employment process, they provided real jobs to those in needs. Second, by helping to provide jobs and affordable housing center, they help people by giving the opportunity to have their own real home. Thirdly, they offer community support to guide people in their life and help them overcome their difficulties.

Following the nature of the help they provide, there are multiple ways to get involved as a volunteer. The first thing they ask of anyone is to inform themselves and provides support to anyone in their own community that needs help and to understand them. They also work with volunteer private landlords to offer more affordable housing, for landlords who could be interested. Basically, their idea is not necessarily to volunteer for them rather than to volunteer for our own community by trying to provide the same type of support they do to those around us. That is, providing employment, housing and counselling. I am waiting for a response to an e-mail providing further information on volunteer opportunities.

They can be directly contacted by phone at 709 738-8390 or by e-mail at The executive director Jocelyn Green currently leads a team of more than a 100 dedicated members to help people of their community. For more information, their website can also be consulted here.

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