A Solution for Child Sexual Abuse

by DanielaSpinelli on April 23, 2014 - 12:13pm

    Judith Cooney is a licensed psychologist with a PhD, specialization in child counselling, and published author of many mental health books and articles. One specific book written by Cooney in 1987 titled “Coping with Childhood Sexual Abuse” address the myths related to sexual abuse, the effects brought on by the abuse, and possible preventions or solutions to sexual abuse.

     I chose to read this book because I am interested in the field of psychology. Moreover, child abuse is a social issue that I plan to find solutions for. I would like to contribute by preforming coping strategies to those suffering from mental illnesses that childhood abuse causes. Most of my postings are related to mental health but I chose to study childhood abuse because I believe there is not enough awareness on the effects that follow the abuse. I strongly believe there is no true way to prevent the act of sexual abuse but it is possible to cope with it once it has occurred. If society has more information about the outcomes of the abuse, abusers/victims/bystanders will have an easier time contemplating what to do.

     The main reason I chose to learn and become aware of the psychological trauma victims of abuse experience is so I can know how to act and interact with victims. Understanding how a victim feels can help you to understand what kind of behavior you should have towards the individual and whether or not it is appropriate.  I plan to volunteer April 25 at Projects Autochthone du Quebec (PAQ), an aboriginal shelter that has a variety of participants suffering from addictions and mental illnesses. When volunteering it is necessary to have both a professional and friendly character nevertheless, it is beneficial to be aware of appropriateness. After reading Cooney’s book, I feel like I am ready to volunteer with a healthy and enthusiastic mindset because I am confident that I will not make anyone at the shelter uncomfortable nor will I feel uncomfortable myself.

    I recommend reading “Coping with Childhood Sexual Abuse” or any other material that addresses the issue of abuse because we live in a reality where a large majority of the world’s population is or has suffered from a psychological problem, and it is important to know how to cope and socialize with the victims of mental illness. Additionally, being aware of the psychological issues can help you to avoid developing a mental illness. 

Cooney, J. (1987). Coping with sexual abuse. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group

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