Raising Money in an Original Way

by kevingemme on April 9, 2014 - 7:26pm


Last March, there was a particular protest that was taking place outside Concordia University’s Hall building to raise funds for the cause of homelessness. According to Adam Kovac’s article that appeared on the Gazette, a few students took part in Five Days for the Homeless, which is annual event where the participants agree to live on the street like itinerants for less than a week. The event that was first originated at the University of Alberta has now become more and more popular. During that week, there were 26 other university campuses that were also participating to the fund raising event all across Canada. In fact, McGill, UQAM and HEC-Montreal all had some students that took part in the event in Montreal. The dedication of those students to the cause has enabled them to raise $50,000 that will be donated to local shelters in the area of Montreal.


This event is very positive for the cause of homelessness for obvious reasons. In fact, it raises money for shelters and organizations devoted to this social issue and it also raises awareness about the problem. However, the Five Days for the Homeless event stands out from the others because its participants truly get to live the experience of homelessness. Therefore, the demonstrator develops a very deep understanding of the issue as he has ultimately lived it for a little while. Those protesters can then share their experiences with other people and actually raise awareness more effectively.