Poverty and Malnutrition: How volunteering at The Breakfast Club Of Canada can help prevent crime

by VanessaPace on April 5, 2014 - 12:46pm

I am going to volunteer with the Breakfast Club of Canada.  This organizations mission is to provide children with the nutrients the need to complete a good day at school. They do this by providing children with breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. This organization states that the number of vulnerable children in areas may arrive at school without having eaten; this is something that is increasing. One in seven children is at risk, in Canada. Their organization provides breakfast at schools and offers a healthy environment for these children to eat breakfast in when they don’t have a good environment at their homes. It’s a healthy choice for them. They are acting now to improve the chances of children’s success and ensure that the will keep following their abilities and dreams. Helping children grow, one breakfast at a time. I’m going to volunteer there in order to provide my help and services to these children and to the organization. Also because this organization has a link/connection to my topic I have been writing about all semester which is crime in law. It is said by researchers that poverty and malnutrition is a leading role into why individuals commit crimes. The news stories I also have been writing about have inspired me to volunteer with this organization because I want to help these children into taking the right path and not end up like people in new stories that I have been writing about. As a volunteer I will help serve breakfast in a school to children. My skills will be useful because I’m good with working with children because I have 2 little brothers one that’s 14 and the other that’s  five,  and one little sister that is four years old. I expect to volunteer some time at the middle or end of this month (April). 

Link to Organizations Webpage: http://www.breakfastclubcanada.org/?gclid=CPKfzO_eyb0CFVFp7AodDWcAwA


This is a very interesting article. I cannot wait to do more research on this topic!

I am intrigued at the fact that they involve the child's immediate environment (their parents). Very interesting.

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