Mental Health and Teen Boys: How research from psychology, sociology and education can help the problem.

by gabriel_heuvelink on April 7, 2014 - 10:38pm

For my final project in this Newsactivism class, I have decided to write an academic paper on the mental health of teen boys. I was inspired to write about this subject after writing my superpost, which talked about the same subject. I has summarized three articles about this subject and found it so interesting that I wanted to expand on it. What first interested me was the fact that more people pay attention to teen girl’s mental health problems. The media often talks about impossible image standards for young women set by the fashion industry, but they rarely, if ever, talk about the same standards set for young men. The reason being that guys will be less vocal about their insecurities and mental health problems because it is considered “not manly” to display your emotions. For this paper, I will explore this problem through the views of psychology, sociology and education. I chose psychology because it really explores the reasons why mental health problems like depression exist on a personal point of view. What events or thoughts drive a young man to take his life? Sociology is also an interesting perspective through which to look at mental health because it begs the question as to what social structures did not function when it comes to preventing mental health problems in male youth. Lastly, education is perhaps the most important aspect of this issue. School is where teens spend most of their time and how schools and educators deal with mental health is essential to investigating this issue.   

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