Junior Achievement, Supporting Young Startups

by Scimson on March 3, 2014 - 12:07am

Junior Achievement is an organization that helps Quebec’s students. Their main goal is to inspire students to develop entrepreneurial values, while understanding the economy and developing their leadership. They are able to do so by offering a chance for students to develop in the business world while acquiring an interest in a future career. Basically, they provide the tools required by students to create their own startup business.

Currently they offer multiple awards and scholarship, which they award to students who demonstrate a great sense of entrepreneurship. They also organize JA events to help students learn and practice the skills required in the business world. One of their most recent events, the JA TITAN is an online interactive program of business management that lets student experience the business world by themselves.

The main volunteers wanted by Junior Achievement are people with experience and skills in the business world. They are looking for people who can share their experience and appreciation of the financial world with students. Their programs are customized for each volunteer to provide the most useful mentoring to students.

Junior Achievement can be contacted by phone at 514 285-8944 or by e-mail at info@jeq.org for more information on how to volunteer. Their team will make sure that every volunteer’s time is used at its maximum efficiency. For more information, their website is also available here.


Very Interesting! Thanks for the insight. Especially the JA TITAN looks very promising.

This is a very unique organization, and im glad there is one like this. This is great opportunity for students as well as the community as a hole. Many do not have the capital, or assistance they need to start their own business, and many great opportunities are lost due to this. This is a great organization.

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