Investing to Fight Homelessness for the First Time

by kevingemme on March 31, 2014 - 11:12am


February 27th 2014 was a historical day for the province of Quebec. According to an article written by Christopher Curtis in the Gazette, for the first time in Quebec’s political history there will be a comprehensive plan put in place by the government in order to fight homelessness. That is what current Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection Véronique Hivon declared last Thursday at the Old Mission Brewery’s Mackenzie Pavilion. The plan’s estimated cost will be $52 million, which will ultimately be $6 million for social and mental health programs and $46 million to build housing units for itinerants. It was announced that the plan is meant to address five major points, which are “housing, mental health services and social services, education and social integration, revenue and training police to better understand the circumstances surrounding poverty and homelessness.”

This is tremendous news for the province of Quebec because, as mentioned earlier, this is the first time an elaborate strategy is put in place to address this social issue. In fact, in the past there has only been a few million dollars that were funnelled into programs to help the homeless, but there has never been an actual plan to effectively address this issue. It shows that there is a change in mentality towards homelessness that is occurring and this is very positive. This step forward makes us one step closer to the ultimate goal, which is to end homelessness entirely in Quebec.